Presenting "Texafrance Ecoutez!"

An educational supplement to the Texafrance trio of recordings by Christine Albert. 

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"Texafrance Ecoutez!" (listen!) contains the lyrics of and classroom activities for 14 songs included on Christine Albert’s “Texafrance” series of recordings. A word list is provided for each song so that teachers can use the songs with any level of student. Two sets of comprehension questions—one in English, the other in French—are included. In addition, there are cloze exercises for 11 of the songs and supplementary information about some of the songs, their composers or artists who have made them famous. For your convenience there is a grammatical index and a complete listing of all the vocabulary items (with over 500 entries).

The activities are organized in order of difficulty: there are three songs at level 1 (*), six at level 2 (**), and five at level 3 (***). Because each unit contains questions in both English and French, students from different levels can work on a single song at the same time.

These lesson plans can be used to vary classroom pace, to provide useful yet fun activities after exams, or to give to a substitute. They will also be invaluable to teachers who have students from different levels in the same classroom. 
We hope that your students will have lots of pleasure listening to the music and completing the activities. It will be a painless way for them to see grammar used in context and to expand their vocabulary. Vive la musique!

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