Christine Albert - Everything's Beautiful Now (2014)

"Christine’s voice sets precisely the right tone walking the edge between acutely touching observations and powerfully crafted narrative."

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EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL NOW   Folk Radio  UK - by Mike Davies October 30, 2014
"I can't grieve anymore, I've seen so many sail away from my shore, never to come through the door again."  The opening lines of the piano backed title track from the Austin-based singer-songwriter Christine Albert's sixth solo album Everything's Beautiful Now which bear witness to the deaths of more than a dozen close friends and family members in recent more here

EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL NOW   FolkWords - by Tim Carroll December 30, 2014
Music offers powerful dialogues about life, love, peace and beauty. It also reaches those places where sorrow, loss and death reside. There’s an elemental contact to express the extent of the human condition. ‘Everything’s Beautiful Now’ from Christine Albert reaches out to touch that condition through a collection of songs written as her tribute to friends and loved ones that have ‘sailed away to new horizons’. And if you’ve ever ‘stayed behind’ as someone close to you has set out on that last great adventure, then this album shares Christine’s view and offers ways to put it all into perspective. Make no mistake, this is not a maudlin set of ‘tear jerkers’ (although there’s moments when you may experience water-filled eyes) neither is it an attempt to beguile anyone from grief - this is reverence based on accepting transition and understanding beyond anything else, it’s just another trip we all more here

EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL NOW   Austin American-Statesman - by Peter Blackstock  September 23, 2014
Christine Albert wastes no time in staking the turf of her new album “Everything’s Beautiful Now.” Here’s how the opening song begins:

“I can’t grieve anymore/ I’ve seen so many sail away from my shore/ Never to come through the door again.”

A fixture in Austin’s singer-songwriter community since moving here from New Mexico in 1982, Albert confronts the reality and finality of death on many of the record’s tracks. “Over the last several years I have experienced the loss of many people close to me,” she explains in the liner notes. An “In Memory Of” dedication lists her father and mother-in-law, several good friends, and fellow Austin musicians including Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Caryl P. Weiss and Steven more here

EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL NOW   Lone Star Music Magazine - by D.C. Bloom  October/November 2014
There’s a time – and music – for Texas two-stepping and knocking back cold longnecks in Texas dance halls, and then there’s a time – and music – for reflecting on that cold hard fact from the Gospel of Hank Williams that none of us get out of this world alive. Veteran Austin songbird Christine Albert’s "Everything’s Beautiful Now" is a collection of beautifully crafted songs born out of the sorrow and contemplation from seeing several beloved friends and family members pass on in recent years. From loss comes lyrical elegance; from heartache comes harmonic convergence with the precious memories that more here

EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL NOW  The Alternate Root - by Donna Marie Miller  October 24, 2014  
Christine Albert’s serene expression masks a life torn by personal violence and loss. Her spiritual calm on stage seems to transcend memories of surviving rape and also being struck down by a drunk driver along a dark stretch of Texas highway. The original songs on her first solo album in 20 years, "Everything’s Beautiful Now", express messages of hope and renewal. As a result, her Austin audience attending the CD release party at the Strange Brew Sept. 25 felt lifted up and transported to an ethereal space created without walls or religious dogma.

Albert wrote or co-wrote six of the songs on the new album. Like her “Flower of the Moon” song co-written with her husband, Chris Gage, Albert illuminates the darkest moments in life as a time for growth and for transformation. 

“I believe in the holiness of whatever comes my way/and I’ve learned not to resist the urge to pray...” more here

More comments about "Everything's Beautiful Now"...

"The past few years were personally quite hard for Christine Albert. Hard in the respect that Texas lost quite a few loved ones in a short time. You know, that phase where we all must pass and it just keeps getting closer with aging. However, as befits a good songwriter Albert took full advantage of the situation. As a tribute to those who went, she coped with her grief in some new, great songs, along with material by Shake Russell, Dana Cooper, Tom Peterson, Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon, all ending up on her new, brilliant album."
     Benny Metten / Ctrl Alt Country

"Exquisite songs with guitars, lap steel, mandolin and piano, topped off by Christine Albert's soothing vocals."
     Cis Van Looy / Keys & Chords

“On her latest album ‘Everything's Beautiful Now’, Austin songstress Christine Albert is paying tribute to all the beloved ones that she has lost during the last few years. Hopeful memories in intimate and emotional songs that are enriched with beautiful cover versions of great farewell songs are all to be found on probably the best album in her long lasting career”.
     Valére Sampermans / Rootstime

“Music for Autumn: A Season of Telling Stories” - Kerry Dexter

Christine Albert - Paris, Texafance   (2008)

"Albert’s voice can haunt; this is a beautifully performed collection."   
       Buddy Magazine

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PARIS, TEXAFRANCE   Austin Woman    September 2008
A true chanteuse, Christine Albert has a beautiful voice made for singing French love more here 

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE   Sing Out!    Summer 2008    Vol. 54  #2
Image this: growing up in upstate New York with a French grandmother and a Swiss mother.  Christine Albert found herself surrounded by the music of Parisian café society and its beloved songstress Edith Piaf.  When she moved to Santa Fe more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE   Austin Chronicle - by Margaret Moser  May 16, 2008
Texas Platters   -    Girlie Action
Paris, Texafrance (MoonHouse) is Christine Albert's third recording in her utterly charming series of French songs recorded in Texas, accompanied by husband/partner Chris Gage whose production polishes this little more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE  3rd Coast Music by John Conquest  May 2008
Whether there’s a real American market for chansons, or just for anything by the possessor of one of the best and purest female voices in Austin, is a moot point, either way, Albert’s bilingual trilogy celebrating her French heritage is certainly more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE  The Run-off Groove  by John Book  June 2008
Christine Albert has brought together her love of Texas with her French roots and has come up with an album that is sure to be favored by more adventurous Americana listeners. Paris, Texafrance (Moonhouse Records) is an album full of great country, bluegrass, and folk, some of it sounding like it comes from a time long gone and yet still very familiar to anyone who listens to these more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE   Buddy Magazine by Tom Geddie  May 2008
Christine Albert has a love affair, it seems, with all things French.  Which is no surprise to her partner and willing accomplice Chris Gage.  Both have been successful solo artists.  Together as Albert & Gage, the Austin couple makes some fine music of its own and does the occasional (and almost always top-notch) special project for other musicians on the in-house MoonHouse Records more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE  Music Road Blogspot  by Kerry Dexter   April 2008
“Europe is in my blood and Texas is in my soul,” says Christine Albert in the liner notes of Paris, Texafrance. Texafrance is the term Albert came up with to name that deep connection more than a dozen years more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE  Folkwax by Arthur Wood  May 2008
The Piaf-Inspired Journey Continues
Christine Albert's ancestors on her mother's side can be traced back to France and Switzerland, so it's hardly a stretch to conclude that Albert should be influenced by the music of la belle France.... read more here

PARIS, TEXAFRANCE  Le Cri du Coyote - (France)   by Bernard Boyat  June 2008
De temps en temps, les membres du duo marital Albert & Gage reprennent leur autonomie musicale et c’est ce que fait Christine avec cet album, produit quand même par son époux. Si l’on n’est pas familier avec sa carriè more here

Christine Albert - Texafance - Encore!  (2003)

"Musical magic happens as Christine switches from French to English in these irresistible songs."
     New Texas Magazine

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TEXAFRANCE - ENCORE!    Austin Chronicle - by Margaret Moser  Feb 21, 2003
"When  South by Southwest was held at the Hyatt, Christine Albert once landed a showcase in the hotel's atrium bar, an acoustically wretched space cavernously rising 17 floors to the top of the building. Yet hearing Albert singing "La Vie en Rose" from the 15th floor was as memorable as any conference moment this writer more here

TEXAFRANCE - ENCORE!  New Texas Magazine - by Lynne Thompson   Feb. 2003
"Christine Albert, local vocalist and guitar-playing legend, has released TexaFrance-Encore! (MoonHouse Records) – a collection of romantic French songs and ballads delivered in Christine’s emotive and charming more here

TEXAFRANCE - ENCORE!   Dirty Linen - by Kerry Dexter  Aug/Sept 2003 #107
"Christine Albert does a fine job of blending her southwestern singer/songwriter interests with her family’s native roots in France and Switzerland on her second recording exploring these connections... read more here

TEXAFRANCE - ENCORE!   Sing Out! - by VKH  Fall 2003 - Vol. 47 #3
"Christine Albert is an Austin, Texas mainstay, having started the Austin Songwriters Group, participated in several community organizations, and acted as a mentor to Austin more here

Christine Albert - Texafance (1992)

"Never committing fully to either country or cabaret, Albert has deftly created a whole new musical category of her own." 
     Music City Texas

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TEXAFRANCE  Austin Chronicle - by Margaret Moser  March 1992
"The concept of melding the airy passion of Edith Piaf with the Texas honky-tonk tradition sounds like Monty Python source material, but Albert’s achy, crystal voice sounds so good in both languages that this project doesn’t just float – it flies in more here

TEXAFRANCE  Music City Texas - by John Conquest   Jan. 1992
"Raised in a French-speaking household, Albert majored in music and languages and wound up singing country music in Texas, so this bilingual album (all the songs have French and English lyrics) pulls together some major strands in her life and does it all with class and more here

TEXAFRANCE  Austin American-Statesman - by John T. Davis   Jan. 1992
"Well, smoke my Gitanes.  Somebody has finally rescued French from the hands of poetry majors and snooty waiters, and put it where it belongs - to more here