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New Texas Magazine - by Lynne Thompson 
February 2003   
Christine Albert / Texafrance-Encore!

"Christine Albert, local vocalist and guitar-playing legend, has released TexaFrance-Encore! (MoonHouse Records) – a collection of romantic French songs and ballads delivered in Christine’s emotive and charming voice. Produced by Chris Gage, Albert’s partner on and off stage, TexaFrance-Encore! shows off Christine’s angelic voice and Chris’s multi-instrumental and vocal talent. Together, their musical passion and performance creates an undeniable appeal.

TexaFrance-Encore! travels the entire range of both artist’s talents – from Christine’s mastery of the French torch songs from her musical heritage, to the country, blues, folk, and rock that both Christine and Chris cut their teeth on – this release proves again they are an unstoppable musical force. The blending of Albert’s and Gage’s voices is so smooth and harmonious that it sometimes sounds as if there is another voice with them.  Musical magic happens as Christine switches from French to English in these irresistible songs, and Chris switches effortlessly between piano, guitar and accordion as he sings with her.

Fans will recognize La Mer / Beyond the Sea as the familiar French tune celebrating the hopeful realization of love sailing into the arms of the expectant singer. A crisp clarinet, played by Mike Austin, lends a lot of European flair to the piano played by Chris Gage, and the guitar played by Olivier Giraud.

Paul Glasse’s mandolin answers Christine’s playful voice in Coucou. Under a Stormy Sky has a definite country-western sound made all the more appealing when accompanied by Eamon McLoughlin’s violin and Chris Gage’s guitar.

A sequel to Albert’s 1992 release, TexaFrance, TexaFrance-Encore! is a musical and romantic tribute to Christine Albert’s and Chris Gage’s sizeable and truly enjoyable talent."