Christine Albert, a long time singer/songwriter, has another voice - her pen.

By Christine:

A Musician's Long Running Love Affair with Austin
   (Austin American-Statesman - September 9, 2007)

It Takes A Village
  (The Austin Chronicle - April 8, 2005)

Train of Love
  (The Austin Chronicle - Jan. 9, 2004)

A Texan's South Dakota Acoustic Christmas
  (Pierre SD - River Life)

Rollin' On The River
(New Texas Magazine - October 1998)

A Texas Band In Europe
(New Texas Magazine - May 1997)

From Victim To Survivor
   (New Texas Magazine - October 1997)

Christine has two quotes in this charming book, keeping company with such fine Texas Women as Liz Carpenter, Barbara Bush and Molly Ivins.

Christine's grandmother's recipe - "Lily's White Wine Olive Chicken" - appears in this wonderful collection of recipes from Austin City Limits performers.

About Christine:

The Evolution of a Musical Philanthropist
Austin Woman Magazine
Story by Deborah Goldstein / Photos by Mary Bruton

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