Wings of War
(Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem & Song - March 2015)

A Musician's Long Running Love Affair with Austin
   (Austin American-Statesman - September 9, 2007)

It Takes A Village
  (The Austin Chronicle - April 8, 2005)

Train of Love
  (The Austin Chronicle - Jan. 9, 2004)

A Texan's South Dakota Acoustic Christmas
  (Pierre SD - River Life)

Rollin' On The River
(New Texas Magazine - October 1998)

A Texas Band In Europe
(New Texas Magazine - May 1997)

From Victim To Survivor
   (New Texas Magazine - October 1997)

About Christine:

The Evolution of a Musical Philanthropist
Austin Woman Magazine - November 2007

Austin Woman Magazine Cover Story
Austin Woman Magazine - March 2015

Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem & Song

A collection of powerful fiction and non-fiction, poetry and song, painting and photography -- from 60 Texas Women. 

Christine's piece "Wings of War" is included in this collection. Christine explores the evolution of a song co-written by Christine, Chris Gage and Steve Brooks inspired by Christine's uncle who died during World War II.


Christine has two quotes in this charming book, keeping company with such fine Texas Women as Liz Carpenter, Barbara Bush and Molly Ivins. Christine's grandmother's recipe - "Lily's White Wine Olive Chicken" - appears in this wonderful collection of recipes from Austin City Limits performers.